Welcome to Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance

Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance is established by the administrator of the Your Life Matters Facebook Page, Colleen Burns.

The mission of Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance is to raise awareness and establish anti-bullying communities within the United States of America to support bullied victims and their families get through the tough times and the bullying epidemic that is occurring across the country and also throughout the world.

Responsible, qualified leaders who are involved with the organization will help provide within their own communities anti-bullying rights, help operate community centers for those victims who need it, lead anti-bullying campaigns to raise awareness and educate others on the bullying epidemic, and to inspire those bullied victims that “their life matters.”

Currently, Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance is looking  to find qualified leaders who will work together as a team throughout the United States (and eventually the world).

Together, the team members will establish a safer place both online and offline and within their respected communities. Martial artists not required to be a qualified leader. Those leaders who are martial artists who want to be involved with Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance need to be willing to educate and train those victims who are willing to learn.

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  1. Thank you very much lenejyttehansen, wolframpublications, and David Snape for liking this page! I appreciate your support. It has taken me many years of blood, sweat, and tears to create this, and it took going into Ray Higdon’s coaching program for me to do it. Many thanks!

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