Have Pride and Bless Yourself Today

On this New Year’s Day, have pride and bless yourself today. Believe in yourself, give yourself a clap on your back and pray. Pray that you will get through 2017, bless yourself you got through last year. With all the tears you have cried, with all the fears you kept locked inside, make this year your breakout year, make this year your year to rid all your tears and fears.

On this New Year’s Day, promise yourself you will get better, to want to end the bullying. Promise yourself that what matters is your life and live it to the fullest. Have pride and bless yourself today, tomorrow, and for your future, because your life, your soul, your persona makes you whole, makes you improve your confidence. Give with all your might, don’t end your life. You are loved today, tomorrow, and through your future. On this New Year’s Day, make this day and year the start of your new life and end the bullying.

To be further inspired, watch the video below.

Have Pride and Bless Yourself Today (Video):

May you have faith and bless yourself today, tomorrow, and in your future to defend yourself and end the bullying.


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