How Much Longer Do Kids Have To Suffer from School Bullying?

How much longer do kids have to suffer from school bullying? Whether or not a school has an anti-bullying program, class, and / or hotline, it seems as though it’s not enough to end bullying. Bullying still occurs. The question is, then why does it?

Not every school in the United States has an anti-bullying policy or program. Those schools that do, you would think they would be more involved and make it required as part of the school’s curriculum to reach EVERY student who attends. And EVERY student has to sign his/her name upon completion of the anti-bullying curriculum.

Those students who refuse to sign upon completion of curriculum is a red flag to the teachers and school administration where that will go, and will also be alerted as to who the bullies are. Then there will be no more excuses that a student can say, “I didn’t know.”

I bring this up after reading an article in which a mother’s two sons and daughter were bullied in a school that has an anti-bullying policy. To read the article, click here… Schools Need To Be More Involved with Bullying Responses.


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