Bullying Is A Serious Problem

Bullying is a serious problem. Bullying in the 1980s is not the same as bullying in this current time, as bullying has become more harsh, more ruder, more violent, and more deadlier. More bullied victims in this present day tend to kill themselves more than they did in the 1980s, when I was growing up and experiencing it.

Why must bullies who target and bully their victims to the point of suicide get away with it? There should be a federal law passed in which puts those bullies behind bars, no matter what the age, especially when the victims end up killing themselves because of it.

Bullies are people with no conscience and are becoming murderers when bullied victims kill themselves, especially when people know it is going on, yet they don’t do anything to stop it. What if it was your child, teenager who was being bullied to the point of suicide? Wouldn’t you want justice for it? Wouldn’t you want to stop the bullying?

It’s time to end the bullying before another child or teenager ends his / her life. For more information on the news, read this article… 12 Year-Old Boy Hangs Himself As A Result of Bullying.


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