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Help Saving Lives Takes Teamwork

Help Saving Lives Takes Teamwork. Help saving lives takes teamwork, even a softball team. In the News.

Help Saving Lives Takes Teamwork


Help saving lives takes teamwork, even a softball team.

A Pittsville, Missouri, softball team has started a tournament to help end bullying. Coach Craig Chamberlain started the tournament as a movement to end bullying after a 12-year-old girl from Ohio killed herself as a result of bullying. The goal of the softball tournament is to spread bullying awareness within their community and across the United States.

With more teams of people, the more voices to be heard, and the better the chance to raise awareness and end bullying. Let us all unite together and end the silent suffering and bullying once and for all!

To read more about the softball tournament, click here… 3N2Force To Raise Bullying Awareness.


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