Bullying in Aurora, Colorado

Three days ago, there was a bullying in Aurora, Colorado, which caused a 15 year-old girl to need security in order to continue her education at her school.

In another article that I read regarding this bullying, a group of girls were bullying the fifteen year-old, who has a disability, because of a boy.

The mother of the fifteen year-old victim plans on getting restraining orders against the group of girls. In this same article, it is said that one of girls involved in the bullying apologized to the victim hours later after the mother of the victim posted videos on Facebook, which went viral.

This particular girl who was involved in the bullying said that the parents of another girl who bullied the victim egged their daughter on to bully the victim.

Now, isn’t this considered an accomplice to bullying? Do you think the parents should be held liable for their daughter’s actions, being that they egged her on? Or do you think that since the daughter did the bullying, she should be the only one held liable?

Do you think that if every school had a bullying education program, the bullying will stop or still continue? How much longer do bullied students in the educational platform, whether it be school or college, have to suffer before schools actually invest their studenrs to do something about the bullying going on within the school system?

If you have not yet heard the current news, please click here for the information… Bullying in Aurora, ColoradoBullying in Aurora, Colorado 2.

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