Building Trust Within Yourself Again


Building trust within yourself again after being bullied is a hard thing to do, because while you are being bullied, you feel lack of self-worth, lack of self-respect, and degraded by the words or actions the bully is saying or doing. So, why would you trust yourself? In fact, why would you trust others?

Trust has to be earned. When trust is no longer within yourself, there is no trust for others. You must not only trust yourself, you must love yourself. No one else will until you yourself do so.

Trusting yourself begins by honoring yourself and respecting yourself. When you don’t honor or respect yourself, you are slowly dying on the inside. I know that feeling. I used to be that way myself.

I never used to trust myself, let alone trust others, because of the way the bullying left me feeling like crap. No love. No self-worth. No self-respect. Why should I allow this if no one else will treat me right, accept me for me, respect me, or love me? It took me a long time to trust myself again.

So, how do you learn to trust yourself again? You have to accept yourself, honor yourself, respect yourself. You have to learn to let go of all your drowning sorrows, pains, and hurts. You have to realize the only person who knows how to treat yourself the way you know you deserve to be treated is you. It starts with you.

Building the self-confidence, building the self-esteem, building the self-worth to trust your actions, your own words, your own self-respect begins with self-acceptance. You need to honor yourself with pride, kindness, dignity, and love. Above all else, learn to love yourself, because the minute you stop loving yourself, you will start to die inside.

Honor yourself today with love. You know you deserve it. For without self-love, you have nothing. You can’t love, let alone trust others, if you can’t love or trust yourself. Begin to build trust within yourself again,… Today. So you can live on another day, so you can love yourself again tomorrow.

Building Trust Within Yourself Again (Video):


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About the Author: Coach Colleen Burns

Founder, CEO, and Social Media Manager of Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance, Inc. Entrepreneur @ ( and Colleen's Martial Art Corner ( Fitness, Health, and Wellness coach with experience in 6 styles of martial arts, who motivates and supports martial artists, who want to improve their health and martial art lifestyle. Empowers bullied victims and survivors to feel better about themselves so they can live a bully-free life so as to have an improved and healthy future. They deserve a life of freedom from bullies. Lives in Roanoke, VA. (USA)


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