Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Be honest with yourself as you ask yourself this question, “Do I want to remain a victim of bullying for the rest of my life?”

I am praying you say, “No,” because if your answer is, “Yes,” you will be living in fear for the rest of your life – of everyone and everything! That is NOT the way to live your life. Trust yourself, step out of your comfort zone, and report the bully!


Steps to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone:

1). Be open and honest with yourself. Admit to yourself, “This is a problem, and I need to do something about it.”

2). Gain some self-confidence and believe in yourself. Tell yourself, “I will no longer live in fear.”

3). Build yourself up and be open and direct in communication, instead of keeping you and your thoughts bottled up. Report the bully.

4). Improve yourself through personal development – whether it be audio or visuals.

5). Do not be afraid to seek help. Know you are not the only one going through this. Others are too. You have to fix and build yourself up to admit you need help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength, because you want to improve yourself. It’s what makes you stronger – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

6). Find a mentor or someone you idolize and tell them about the bullying. It’s always a good idea to talk to someone who you know will listen to you and help you. Then you have someone to look up to and emulate.

7). Step out of your comfort zone and into the new world and be your new self!

This WILL take time. But first it takes STRENGTH inside you to accept the problem and do something about it.

It has taken me 42 years to step out of my comfort zone and talk about the bullying and the effects it had on me. I hope and pray it does not take you as long as it did me to take action against bullies. Believe me, once you admit the problem, accept no fear, and step out of your comfort zone, and be more open about bullying and yourself, it gets easier, yet it is very emotional, because those emotional scars are with you forever.

However, your self-confidence and self-esteem will soar beyond more than what you thought it would. You are no longer living in fear, and you start to trust people again. The feeling is very free.

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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 





Colleen Burns


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About the Author: Coach Colleen Burns

Founder, CEO, and Social Media Manager of Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance, Inc. Entrepreneur @ (, Colleen's Martial Art Corner (, and Colleen Burns Network ( Fitness, Health, and Wellness coach with experience in 6 styles of martial arts, who motivates and supports martial artists, who want to improve their health and martial art lifestyle. Empowers bullied victims and survivors to feel better about themselves so they can live a bully-free life so as to have an improved and healthy future. They deserve a life of freedom from bullies. Lives in Roanoke, VA. (USA)


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