Your Existence Has Purpose

Your existence has purpose. You may not have this feeling on the inside because of the bullying who is bullying you. If you don’t feel you have purpose, then you need to take a long, hard look on the inside of yourself.


Have you always felt this way, even before the bullying started? If so, then your self-confidence and self-worth needs to be re-constructed within yourself so you can feel your powerful, awesome self you need to be so you can re-gain your purpose in this world. You were born to exist. You were born to have purpose. You were not born to be bullied. You were not born to feel that you do not exist. If you did not exist, then you would not have been born.

Your birth was made out of love. Even if you have only one parent now, that certain parent still loves you, or would you not exist. If you are lucky to have two parents who love you, even if they are divorced but still have contact with both of them, they loved you to make you exist, and still love you to this day.

Your existence has purpose. Make your existence have purpose. The first step to your existence is to stand tall, stay strong, and believe in yourself for all that you are and will be. The next step is to make that bully stop bullying you. That bully makes you feel non-existent, right? Make that bully feel your existence by reporting him / her.

Make your existence feel strong and worthy of yourself again. Be as strong emotionally as you can be and find and / or make other friends who feel your true presence and self-worth, who make your existence acceptable and loved. Because you deserve it. You exist because you are loved. You exist because you were born. Make your existence be unique and powerful, because you are.

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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 






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