There Is Love Inside You

There is love inside you and so much love to give.

There is pain inside you in which you feel

Sometimes you don’t want to live.

There are fears and there are tears in which you cry,

And they are so hard to forget.

There is so much pain and torture going on in your mind,

That you feel sometimes you just don’t want to live.


But I tell you today, there is love inside you

In which wants to grow.

Because the love inside you

In which you feel you do not have,

There is within your soul.


Because if you did not cry, and you did not feel the pain,

You would not have the soul, and you would not have the spirit,

And you would not have the tears in which you have cried

To be able to know that there is love to gain.

Love is all

There is love inside of you. Let it live on in your soul and in your spirit.

There is love inside of you. Let it grow and let it flow,

And let it motivate you to get through each day,

So that way you will know there is love inside of you

In which you know you feel you have to give.

So inside your heart today, cry your tears and cry your fears

And try to rid the pain. Make the love inside of you be able to love again.

There Is Love Inside You (Video):

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