Your Life Matters – The Poem

Your life matters and always will,

No matter what a bully may say or do to you.

Know your life is significant

And matters the most to those close to you

Who believe in you.

Your emotions will rise and fall

When the bullying starts and stops,

But don’t ever feel guilty of yourself

For the bully is the one at fault.

Know your life matters

And don’t let anyone tell you different

Because your life is precious, loved, and important.

Give yourself some credit, a blessing that you are alive,

For the day you were born, you were meant to live your life

The way you are meant to be.

It does not matter to anyone else

How you perceive yourself.

Just stay true to who you are.

Who you will attract are people like yourself

And that’s all you will ever need.

For you and you alone

Can make yourself proud for who you are

And those who you attract

Will accept you for you, for who you are.

Be proud, be confident, be daring, and be strong.

Your individuality will define

Your character, your voice, the person who you are and becoming.

Know deep down inside you are special

Because your life matters

To those who love you, accept you, and will grow old with you.

That’s what friends are for, what family is.

A bond that cannot be broken,

Not even a bully can tear that bond apart,

Because your life matters each and every day.

Believe it to be true within yourself,

Believe it because your life matters in every way.


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