Preventing and Stopping Your Child From Being Bullied

If your child / teenager is being bullied, do you know what to do about it? Do you know what you need to do to make it stop?

First of all, you need to educate yourself on bullying before taking any action against it. If you go on a rampage defending your child / teenager against a bully, you could make matters worse for your child / teenager without realizing it. You then want to teach your child / teenager the results you find. IT IS IMPORTANT THE CHILD / TEENAGER KNOW THIS!

Second of all, you need to set up a daily time to talk with your child / teenager about the events that are happening at school and have him / her write them down in a daily journal. This includes emotional feelings, not just the verbal and / or physical abuse coming from the bully. (This will help you out later should the need arise to press charges against the bully). Then YOU sign and date the daily events along with your child / teenager’s signature and date.

Thirdly, bring the bullying to the school’s attention. Forty-nine out of fifty states across the United States have laws and policies regarding bullying – though some of these laws and policies do not include LGBT rights, which actually should. School bullying policies differ from state to state, and they are there. You need to know these policies and laws and their procedures to follow should higher authority other than the school administration – like the police – need to be contacted.

Lastly, you want to watch and monitor your child’s / teenager’s coping mechanisms due to the bullying. If it has to be done, contact the police to make the bullying stop if it interferes with your child’s / teenager’s life coping skills. When this happens, and it will, you want to seek out help for your child / teenager because his / her life is in immediate danger, and (s)he does not need to suffer anymore from this. Continually monitor him / her, ask questions, and tell you child / teenager that you love him / her, because (s)he is not feeling it AT ALL due to the lack of his / her life’s coping skills.


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