Stronger Together

To be able to be heard, you must voice your opinion.

To be able to be heard, you must voice how you feel about the bully that is bullying you.

Be stronger, together.

To be able to be heard, you must admit no fear, admit no flaws, and admit no excuses.

That bully should not be bullying you, so be heard –

Stronger together.

To befriend those who have never been bullied, to befriend those who have been bullied,

Have feelings for those who have been bullied or not,

Because the bully who is bullying you should not be bullying you at all.

So, be stronger together.

Access the situation, evaluate your peers, evaluate those who are not your peers,

To be able to admit those who love you and redirect your fears to those who are not your friends,

And it actually end up being the worse possible people you could ever think of to meet in your life time.

So, be stronger together.

Your peers, your family, anyone around you who you know who love you for you,

And you love them for them.

So, be stronger together.

Be stronger together, unify as one.

Your voice should be heard to make this bully-free world come undone.

And be stronger together.

Stronger Together (Video):


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Colleen Burns


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