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Stand up for others. Why is that so hard to do? Why do some people defend others, and others be bystanders to bullying?

The majority of people in this world are kind, genuine people, but there will always be someone who is not so kind and genuine. Why they are not so very kind and genuine has always baffled me. Does it baffle you like it does me?

I have said numerous times before how others treat people are the way they had been treated, and it usually starts in the home. How one is raised and treated defines the character of the person and the values towards others, which includes respect toward others.


So, why, when it comes to bullying, for those who were raised in a loving and caring household do not defend or stand up for others and remain bystanders, and yet others who were born and raised in the same exact environment do defend and stand up for others who are being bullied?

Bystanders to bullying are actually in a way being bullies themselves. They see and observe people being hurt from bullies, yet they don’t want to get involved. Reasons could be they are afraid of the bullies themselves or they are being ignorant and don’t want to get involved.


Did you know that when you are a witness / bystander to bullying, and you remain neutral and don’t get involved, you are in fact an accomplice to the bullying? You are witnessing an act of hatred, an act of violence, an act of crime. Whether you were born into a kind and caring family or not, when you see an act of violence, hatred, and / or crime, and you don’t want anything to do with it and / or being ignorant of the bullying, you become involved anyway because you witnessed it and did not do anything to stop it. It is your choice to do so, but you become a bully yourself. The next time you witness a bullying, will you still ignore it, or will you defend and stand up for others? Ignoring bullying will not make bullying go away. Ignoring the bullying will only make it worse.


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2 thoughts on “Stand Up For Others

  1. I appreciate your very generous comment, Jared! We should all be respectful and kind towards others. Spread the love, not hatred, as I have said before. Thank you very much for your kind and caring words. I appreciate you and your support.

  2. Colleen,

    You are right in saying that people who remain indifferent when they see other people bullied are in a state of fear and that they are also, in a way, bullying themselves. It helps to think that we are all ONE in this Universe. That we should all care for one another and be more understanding. In standing up for others, there is no need for further violence. What we could do, though, is to help in whatever way we can to extend a hand to the bullied.

    Thank you for this beautiful post.

    Love, Gratitude, & Happiness,

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