Your Smile Can Hide Only So Much

Your smile can hide only so much. Tears. Fears. Despair. Struggles. Hatred. Pain. Vengeance. Negativity. Thoughts in which you cannot escape. Thoughts in which you wish you never had, as they eat away at you until you can no longer suffer from it, and then you react to those thoughts in your mind in a really negative way. You become a cutter, you become depressed, you become suicidal. Yet somehow you manage to hide all these emotions and struggles well. Or so you may think.

Have you thought that maybe people are noticing your different emotions, daily routines, and behavior? What you think people may not notice, they do. Especially those who are close to you. Have you ever thought that the way you were before the bullying started that you were a happy person? A more positive, upbeat, free spirit? How do you feel now? How you feel now may be different – a lot different – than you felt before the bullying started. And if you think you can hide those feelings, those emotions, you are wrong. There may be a smile on your face, but your eyes will never change.

When your smile disappears, so does your spirit. When your spirit disappears, so does your soul. And that cannot be hidden from within your eyes. You may think you can act happy, you may think you can fool people trying to be upbeat and smile, but your eyes say different. Your smile – and lack of – says a lot. Just like the spirit – and lack of – in your eyes.

Instead of trying to hide your pain and all those negative thoughts, be honest with yourself. The more honest you are with yourself, the better you will be. Whether the attitude within you is negative or positive, it can be read and observed by others. What you accept and won’t accept from inside yourself, will either help you or hinder you. Instead of hindering yourself, which will only make things worse for you, help yourself. Because your smile can hide only so much. 


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