Bullying and Spirituality

Bullying and spirituality… 

Being bullied because of your religion and / or spirituality is not only very wrong, but also a very hateful act. Your religion and spirituality define your genetics and where you come from. You have a choice to either follow your own religion and / or spirituality, or you can convert to something else in which you believe in more. But being bullied because of your core beliefs and belief system is so very wrong.

Yes, people have a right to defend their religion and / or spirituality. It is a part of them. Yes, people have a right to not agree on certain points of differing religious and spiritual stances, but the act of bullying towards another person’s core beliefs is like saying to that person you don’t exist because of your beliefs.

Your beliefs are what you value. Your values come from your morales. Your morales come from your upbringing and genetics. Since when do other people’s belief systems become so hateful towards others?

It is okay to disagree. It is okay to not see eye to eye with others; you are entitled to your opinions. It is called freedom of speech. But being bullied because of your spirituality is unconstitutional, inhumane, and tormenting.

You have your right to your opinions, but bullying is not opinions. Bullying is lewd, aggressive behavior towards someone else based on their sex, gender, race, Creed, religion, and class.

Stop being so hateful towards others because of what and who they believe in. It is their heritage. It is their lifestyle. It is their life.

Bullying and Spirituality (Video):

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