Do’s and Don’ts of Bullying

There should be several guidelines to follow when having to deal with a bully, so nothing else will occur to the victim that has already been done. Below is a list of do’s and don’ts of bullying.


1). Tell the bully to stop.

2). Report the bully.

3). Get witnesses to report the bully as well.

4). Back away of bully gets physical.

5). Tell your parents.

6). Seek help (whether it be for physical or mental health needs).

7). Speak up about the bullying. Share your experience. You could be a mentor to somebody someday.

8). Walk away, if necessary.

9). Surround yourself with people who are much nicer to you and who will support you during this time.

10). Be loud (the bully will not expect this), BUT


1). Get physical with the bully (unless you know how to defend yourself without getting hurt yourself).

2). Become the bully yourself, in trying to defend yourself.

3). Entice bully to make it worse.

4). Be silent about the bullying incident.

5). Wait to report the bully.

6). Cause physical harm to yourself. This will not help you.

7). Be afraid or intimidated by the bully.

8). Think less of yourself because you are being bullied.

9). Lower your standards because of the bully.

10). Let the bully make you feel inferior.

No one should ever have to withstand a bully. Be brave and have the courage to believe in yourself and know that the bully is wrong with his/her actions. May these guidelines help you when dealing with a bully.


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