Bullying and The Effects On Your Health

When you emotionally suffer from bullying, so does your appetite. You can either not eat and become anorexic, or you can eat so much food that you gain weight, then not like your image because of the fatness on you, and become bulimic. I have gone through both phases of this due to bullying, and I can tell you neither one is not healthy for you. It has taken me twenty-seven years to lose the battle of both anorexia and bulimia, and eight years to become healthy again through martial arts, Weight Watchers, and Team BeachBody. I am now finally happy with the size I am, but it was a very long, emotional struggle to get through.

With what you may be experiencing right now due to bullying, I can tell you it is not worth  starving yourself to death or making yourself throw up to the brink of death. That’s killing yourself a very slow death and making yourself suffer from all the pain you are putting your body through. It can cause some serious health issues that you may end up having later on in life, if you make it that far.

Ask yourself, “Is doing this to myself going to make the bully go away?” I can tell you the answer is “NO!” and that you are silently killing yourself in the MOST WORST WAY! You know you need help, but you don’t want to ask, or you have the fear of asking someone.

Has anyone approached you or mentioned to you your noticeable difference in body weight? That is your sign of help; your cue to speak of your troubles and problems and say something. If you don’t, either way, you will end up in the hospital with IVs in you and quite possibly may lead you to diabetes, heart conditions, and other blood related problems later on in life. Or, the other possibility, you will get locked up in a mental hospital on a suicide watch.

Now ask yourself this, “Is making myself throw up or starving myself – whatever choice you make to try to kill yourself – worth the risk of you not speaking up about being bullied?” Well, is it?


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