Have A Heart, Have A Soul

In this day and age, where the bullying gets worse,

You want to have a heart, and you want to have a soul.

To be able to be a friend who doesn’t have one yet,

Have a heart, have a soul.

Reach out to someone who you have not yet met,

And be the best friend you can be in a kind, loving manner

And in turn, in gratitude, they will thank you for it, and they will love you for it.

They just may not be able to say it to you yet, even if you are a stranger.

Have a heart, have a soul. The best person you can be.

Accept those naturally, love those unconditionally.

Be a friend to someone who needs you in their most precious time,

Because this person may be struggling with something in which you may not know they are aware of,

Because they may not be the type of person to express themselves,

And all they want to do is cry.

So today reach out to someone, tell them you love them, tell them you care.

Show them you have a heart, you have a soul,

And when you do, have a smile so they can see

That you are a loving person in which you want to share

The most time with, the most precious life.

Because when it comes to bullying, there should be no more suicide.

So, have a heart, have a soul, reach out and give life and love to others

In which you want to love the most.

Have A Heart, Have A Soul (Video):


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Colleen Burns

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