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There are many types of bullying in this world. The most important one, of course, and the most consistent one is the one that goes on between kids at school, and the second one being bullying in the workplace. But did you know there is a third type of bullying? It is called relationship bullying. Do you know what relationship bullying is if you have never even heard of it before? Would you know how to handle relationship bullying if it has happened to you

Relationship bullying is when a significant other in your life, in which you may or may not live with, bullies you to the point where it is hurtful and purposeful and degrading enough to make you want to cry and leave the relationship, but you don’t know how, or you have tried, and the person still comes at you and bullies you anyway. To be able to assess the situation as it occurs is pretty hard to do, because you are not in the right state of mind to be able to make a decision fast enough to get out of that relationship.

My advice to you, even though I have never been in this type of relationship before, though I have heard of it because I know some people who have been through this – my advice to you, is if you have been in this type of form of relationship bullying, is to take a minute and step back in your own quiet space, in your own space that you have, and assess the situation and ask yourself, “Is the relationship important enough to you to want to keep it and have to keep going through the bullying, or do you want to leave the relationship?

Now if there are kids involved, then that’s another form of advice that’s another whole entire video. But my advice to you is if you are in a bullying relationship, in which there are no kids involved, then I would definitely want to get out of that relationship. You are worth so much more. Your significant other isn’t very respectful of you and doesn’t feel you are important enough to you to be able to love you enough if he or she is bullying you to the point it make you cry, it makes you hurt, and quite possible make you physically hurt. And if that happens, that’s when you call the cops. Or you call a hotline, in which can help.

Here at Your Life Matters Anti-Bullying Foundation (now known as Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance), anti-bullying can cover anything from kids in schools, to those in the workplace, and to those in relationship bullying. Because your life matters.

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