What You Allow, You Become

There is nothing worse than when a bully bullies you, and you believe what the bully says. But did you know that when you believe what the bully tells you that you are bullying yourself? Your lack of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence is degraded by you when you allow the bully to get into your head, your feelings, and your emotions. When you stop feeling this way, you will stop believing what other people say about you. The only thing that separates you and your self-beliefs is the person bullying you, whether it be yourself, the bully who is bullying you, or both.

In the video below, I delve more into what you allow, you become. Will you continue to be a victim, and allow yourself to be bullied by you and the bully, or will you stand up, express yourself, and no longer be a victim? May the steps I mention in the video help you to become what you will and will not allow.

What You Allow, You Become (Video):

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