Strength Within You

May the strength within you give you the peace and prosperity today.

The strength within you, may it give you the integrity

To be able to get you throughout your day.

The strength within you,

May you learn how to defend yourself

Against the bully to get you through.

The strength within you,

May it uplift your soul and your spirit

Because you know it’s best for you.

The strength within you,

What will you do today to give you more power to yourself

And more strength within you

To give you the life you know you want to lead?

Because with the power within you and the strength within you,

You know this bully is no friend indeed.

So today may the strength be within you,

Let it reside within you, let it build within your soul,

Because may the strength and power within you

Give you the desire, the strength, and the courage to tell that bully, “No.”

May the power and strength within you reside so well

That it builds up within you to be able to tell that bully to stop

And go ahead and report that bully because you know you have that courage,

And you know you will do anything no matter what the cost.

May the strength within you be able to get you through the day,

Because killing yourself is not an option.

No life should be costed today.

May the power of strength within you rise.

May the power of strength within you soar.

So, tell that bully, “No more!”

And give that strength and courage within you

And let it rise and rise and rise,

Because you know you have that power and strength within you

So you can be able to live a bully-free life.


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