Bullying at the Workplace

Bullying at the workplace. Yes, it does exist, as I myself have experienced​ it several times. Once by a co-worker and several different times by co-managers and assistant managers. Why do they do this?

No matter where you are bullied, the bullies themselves bully to either create attention for themselves because they lack and crave it. Or they bully because they have an inferiority complex and need to feel superior to others, so they bully people.

They lack a conscience in doing so. They lack the skills of communication, they lack the skills of making friends, they lack the skills of coping with every day Life, so they become what they desire… the attention, the focus, the drama. And verbal, emotional, and physical abuse to others goes along with it because that is how they handle their own emotions and feelings. Enough to a point to make others want to kill themselves because of the bullies’ actions and attitudes towards them.

As opposed to kids being bullied at school or daycare or other public or not so public areas, did you know when you are bullied at work, you are protected by law in the United States under the harassment act? Bullying is a form of harassment in the workplace policy, in which has to be posted for all employees to read and see, and sign for those employers who require it. Something I learned in my time at a place of business several years ago.

By U. S. law, those who bully at the workplace, if found guilty, can be served due justice and also terminated for harassment towards co-workers. Read the policy at your workplace the next time you see it. You are protected under this policy. So, if you have been bullied while at work, stand up for yourself and report that bully!

In the video below, I emotionally delve deeper into this subject. Watch the video to learn more.

Bullying at the Workplace (Video):


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