Martial Arts and Bullying

Can martial arts make a bullied victim a bully? I recently had a conversation with someone who brought this subject matter up.

In my opinion, no it cannot. Martial arts is a form of self-defense and self-discipline to help unruly people become better about themselves, should the desire be within the people to want to improve themselves. Martial art instructors do not tolerate unruly people within their schools. If a child, teenager, or adult martial art student becomes disrespectful, belligerent, and / or rude to others in a martial art school, one of three things will happen.

The disrespectful student will have a private conversation with the head martial art instructor of the school about his / her attitude and will be given a chance to correct it. The disrespectful student will be de-ranked and his / her belt will be taken away. Or the disrespectful student will be asked to leave and never return.

Martial arts is a form of discipline to help improve one’s mind, one’s actions, one’s self-awareness and character, and one’s attitude. Any form of rudeness or disrespect is not tolerated or allowed, so as martial art instructors provide a safe haven for those who are being bullied. Martial arts is the best thing for someone who has been bullied, for (s)he is taught to defend her/himself and is also taught to become a better person from within.

To listen to my complete view on martial arts and bullying, watch the video below.

Martial Arts and Bullying (Video):


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