Be A Hero Today

Be a hero today. To yourself. To someone else. Even if it’s someone you don’t know. You can be a hero to someone, in their eyes. You know you can be a hero to others once you are a hero to yourself. Stand up for what’s right. Defend yourself, defend others. They don’t have to tell you this. You just know it, because you gave this person, whether you know him/her or not, the chance to live again, a reason to believe in him/herself.

The strength of inner spirit, the strength of compassion, the strength of kindness begins with you. Find it within yourself and share it with others. Share your life, share your story, connect with the person you just defended, make a new friend – for life. What you must know is that once you find the strength within yourself to defend your life, to defend others and to fight the bullying epidemic that occurs where you live, you will gain more strength and courage within yourself and find the compassion to want to help others.

Be a hero today, because someone somewhere is struggling with depression, someone is struggling with tears, someone is struggling with fears, with lack of self-confidence, self-love, and self- esteem. Release your emotions, release your fears, release your tears, and make yourself the best person you know you can be. Be a hero for yourself, and once you do, be a hero for others. Today. Tomorrow. In the future.


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 






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PS: To learn how martial arts can prevent bullying, click here: Bullying and the Martial Arts

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