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People need to listen more to the silent ones, the young and old. They are silent for a reason. The more silent people are, the more they are screaming inside,… for love, for attention, for the need of belonging, especially those who have been bullied and currently still are. I know that feeling. I used to be that way, too.

You have to find people to talk to how you feel and why you are feeling the way you are. It is hard to open up and talk about the bullying. It is hard to be able to trust people after being bullied for so long. But there are people who have heart, kindness, and qualifications who will listen to you. You may feel uncomfortable talking about your life and the bullying, but I can tell you from personal experience it is the best thing for you. Know there are special, kind hearts who will listen more. Not all people are mean, are bullies.

Trust within yourself to open up. Trust yourself to talk to people. Trust yourself to share your bullying experience. Trust yourself you are a special person with a special heart who will listen to you. Those who have the strength, bravery, and courage to talk about bullying are special because they know there are special people who have special hearts who will listen more.

Will you be the powerful, special one today who will speak up against bullying? Or will you be the powerful, special one who will listen to that special one who will share his/her bullying experiences?


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