So What If You Are Gay?

So what if you are gay? Does it really matter? Should it matter?

In my opinion everybody is unique in their own special way. Everyone was born with a heart that is to remain beating. Everyone has a right to what they believe and think. Everyone has a right to be their unique self. Their character traits, and their individuality is the best thing for themselves.

It is important to be you. It is important to have character and personality in your individuality, which makes you strong and can also make you weak. But because you are gay does not mean that you have to be bullied,  because even if you are being bullied, I’m sure it takes a toll on you.

Now I have friends who are gay. I am not gay. I am straight. I like gentlemen, but I have friends who are gay, and I kind of feel for them because I’m sure they go through double the torture and double the bullying, in which other people would not experience. But being gay does not mean that you should be judged on your appearance, does not mean you should be judged just because of who you are and what you are.

Being judged because you are gay just shows how a person can be weak – being the bully, being society. Because in society’s day and age, people who cannot accept gay people means that they are weak, because society is changing. Society should be accepting of those of others around them and because some people in this society do not accept others for who or what they are, and they tend to be weak because they are judging, because they are not accepting, because they are not loving, because they are being mean, because they are being bullies shows where society is heading.

Hopefully, some day it can change. That would be nice, and others would be treated equally like they used to be. Others will be treated equally and loved just as much as they are now as they were back then. That’s a whole another topic to go into, and I could go on forever about this. But being gay does not mean that you should not be loved, doesn’t mean you should not be accepted, because here at Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance, we treat everyone equally.

We love each other equally, and we accept each other equally, for you are who you are.You are born in this world with a purpose. You are born with an existence. You are born to be for who you are meant to be. Your individuality and your character and your personality and your traits are what makes you whole, are what makes you you, are what makes you the individual that you are.

So what if you are gay? Does it really matter?  Should it matter ? Because like I said, the people who bully you shows that they are weak, shows that they cannot accept society changing. Therefore, you should not have to change for who you are, but for society to change as a whole. Because beating on someone and bullying someone because they are gay is totally
wrong. It just shows the weakness in which society has today for those who
cannot love one another, for those who cannot accept one another, for those who cannot treat each other equally or treat each other in a loving way.
This is a sensitive subject because like I said, I have friends who are gay, and they have told me stories about how they’ve been bullied, and I feel for them. It’s just double the horrid experience that they go through, and I feel for them. That just shows that I have a heart, and I like to treat others equally just as people would treat others and love each other equally.
Know that just because you are gay or an LGBT or Q, you are still you. You are still loved and you are still cared for.  We treat you all equally like everybody should. Unfortunately, society cannot accept that. Hopefully, someday in the future someone will be able to change it and make room for headway, in which can change the way people treat each other. Does not matter who or what you are.
I believe there is a post on our website in which tackles this subject as well as the spiritual essence within a person, too. So, if you go to Your Life Matters Empowerment dot org, and you type in “Bullying and Spirituality,” it kind of goes along the same lines. It kind of delves into a person being very unique self. It delves into their individuality and their character and traits, and I go into why bullying should not be accepted and bullies should not bully because of someone being gay and of their spirituality. I tend to go off and get sensitive when it comes to people in general and who I care for and who I love, even though it may be not somebody who I haven’t really got to know each other really well, yet.
To end this Facebook Live on a positive note, be yourself, accept yourself for who you are, accept yourself for what you are, and if you do not have that type of environment and you do not have the type of friends in which you feel are not treating you right, then go find some new friends. Follow some of the suggestions in which I’ve made in the past two Facebook lives, in which I have done the past two days about making new friends. That way you will feel loved and you’ll feel accepted and you will be treated equally. It just goes to show that the more people that there are in this world who love and care for each other and treat each other equally no matter who or what they are, hopefully within the future, society could change, and we could be treating each other and loving each other equally once again.

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