True Friends

Have you ever had the feeling you may never be loved or know the feeling of love because of all the bullying you have been through? Do the friends you do have tell you they love you? Do they make you feel like you belong? Do they love you for being you?

If you have answered, “No,” to these questions, YOU NEED NEW FRIENDS! If the friends you already have are not there for you when you need them the most – to help you get through one of your worst days ever at school, or at work, then they are not your true friends. It’s time you get new ones!

True friends will honor you, respect you, and love you for being you, because they care, they do love you, and they want you in their life. They may not say it to you, but… ACTIONS ARE LOUDER THAN WORDS! If they show you they care by being by your side with their arms wrapped around you and holding you as you cry, they are true friends.

If you have answered, “Yes,” to these questions, then you already know you have true friends. For whatever reason, they may not say it, but they are showing they care about you in their own special way. Because actions speak louder than words.

And, if they are your friends, but they do not say they love you, just ask. Your friends will be honest with you.


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