Learn To Accept Your Flaws

Learn to accept your flaws. No one is perfect. Neither is the bully who is bullying you. But that does not give the bully the excuse to bully you in the first place. Everyone has flaws. Accept yourself for who you are. Stay true to who you are. You do not have to, nor do you need to, give in to the bully who is harassing you. Learn to accept your flaws; learn from the bully’s flaws, so you will not become a bully yourself.

Learning to accept your flaws will keep you from making mistakes time and time again. I am not saying your flaws are your mistakes, but your flaws, should you choose to accept them and learn from them, will help you to move forward and make you stronger than ever before. Building on this, your flaws characterize you – how you carry yourself now and how you will carry yourself in the future. Will you keep your head down and continue to be the victim of the bully, or will you accept the responsibility you know you need in order to report the bully to stop it from continually occurring?

Accepting the responsibility to report the bully takes courage. What’s even more important is seeing past your flaws and knowing the bullying needs to be reported so it will stop. Do you have the desire, the strength, and the courage to see past your victimized stance and step up to being the responsible person you are and report the bullying? Do you realize the flaws you have are preventing you from reporting the bullying?

Accept those flaws, be the strong, brave soul you know you are, and accept your own responsibility to make the bullying stop. Grow from the experience, know you are a fighter, know you are loved, even when you may not feel any love at all. Because once you are willing to learn to accept your flaws, learn from them, and grow from them, you become the most strongest and confident yet. And you will soon see and realize you have become a survivor of bullying. More important you have surpassed the flaws you once had, in which are no longer there. Neither is the bully, is (s)he?


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