Never Be Bullied Into Silence

Never be bullied into silence, for when you are, you put your life on the line. And why would you do that to yourself? Is your life worth risking for the sake of another person who is jealous of you and bullying you just because they don’t love themselves or can’t accept their own flaws? They are bullying you because of this, you know. Bullies have no self-control or self-acceptance of themselves because someone bullied them into believing that very concept. And it’s gotten worse over the years.

Never be bullied into silence. Don’t allow a bully’s words or actions to overcome you with lack of belief in yourself. Don’t allow a bully to continue ranting on you. You don’t deserve it. If you think you do, why do you think you deserve to be bullied? There’s a reason behind why you would think you deserve to be bullied. Nobody deserves to be bullied, EVER! This goes for the bullies themselves, because more than likely someone bullied them, and they probably think they deserved it, for whatever reason. BUT, under no circumstances, for whatever reason, should anyone think otherwise.

Why you may or may not think you deserve to be bullied is self-torment to you. Stop thinking negatively and start thinking positively. You deserve better. You deserve a life of love, freedom, and peace. You deserve a life full of friends who will care for you, console you, defend you, love you, and be there for you in any time of need. You deserve a life of laughter, a life full of joy, a life full of happiness. To achieve this life you know you need, that YOU DESERVE, stop being bullied into silence. Your future depends on it.

So, you may ask yourself, “How can I stop the bullying, then?”

My answer to you,.. stop being silent, for when you are silent, no one hears you. Until it is too late. Don’t be a victim of bullying anymore. Don’t be a memory to loved ones. Believe in yourself, have the faith and the courage to stand up for yourself, and never be bullied into silence again.


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