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Not every bullied victim knows the feeling of love. (S)he may have been bullied for so long that the word “love” is not in his/her dictionary. Other victims become so introverted that they no longer want anything to do with the outside world. Trusting people is a test for the bullied victim. Forgiveness is not is his / her heart. Bitterness is. But the bitterness (s) he feels is not the same as the cold, ruthless heart that the bully has.

Most victims want to be left alone; few others will be open about bullying. Those who are open about it are those who take a stand against bullying not only for themselves but also for others. They know right from wrong. These victims  are those who reach out and want to help others. Those who have survived bullying and are now older – like me – want to say, “I care.” There needs to be more of us like that.

Those two words – “I care” – mean a lot to a victim, because (s)he rarely ever hears it. If you know someone who is going through bullying, tell the person that you care, and try to hug him / her, that is if (s)he will even let you touch him / her. Because that’s what (s)he needs – the feeling of being loved and cared for.


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