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Compliment someone today. Compliments are an act of gracious kindness and friendliness. They are a form of respect and politeness, like saying “please and “thank you.” The more friendlier and polite you are, the more beautiful you become, from the inside, for the warmness and kind acts you do for other people are a characteristic of you. A characteristic in which is not found inside of a bully, because if (s)he had this characteristic inside, (s)he would not be bullying you or others whom you may or may not know. 1693ab95d6309d073d5a75853f774069


If you are the type of a gentle, warm loving person, yet an introvert and too scared to speak up to defend yourself against a bully, make friends with other good, kind, warm loving souls. They may need the comfort in which you are looking for, and you being your nice, friendly self towards others may just light up their day. Treat others like you want to be treated; do to them what you would want done to you. In turn, they will pay it forward to you and others around them, and that can include speaking up to that bully who is bullying you, themselves, and others.

So, continue to be the polite, respectful person you are. Compliment someone today. Pay it forward to someone you don’t even know. It is what makes you beautiful and you will feel this from within you, something in which the bully lacks.


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