Look A Little Closer

Look a little closer. When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror? I mean, really, really, really looked at yourself? What do you see? Are you happy with yourself? Ask yourself, why or why not, and justify your reason(s). Is it because the bullying is getting you down? Or is there another reason why you are feeling the way you are and the way you are perceiving yourself?

The more negative you are with yourself, others can see it. So can the bully. And when a bully can see the way you carry yourself, the way you walk and talk, the people (or lack there of) you are around, you become a walking target for that bully.

You need to change yourself and your attitude to make the bullying stop. Change your negative behavior and your negative attitude and become more positive about yourself. Look a little closer at yourself and within yourself. Surrender your negativity and empower yourself with positivity. The more positive you become, you will feel inside yourself. You will feel your body smiling. When was the last time you felt your body smile from the inside? Do something good for yourself to make you put a smile on your face, so other people can see it. The more you smile, the more happier you will feel on the inside, which will want you to smile more on the outside.

Take a little closer look at yourself in the mirror again and tell yourself you are beautiful with a strong sense of self to make you believe it. Carry yourself with a stronger sense of pride and self-confidence. The next time that bully bullies you, don’t allow him/her to put you down. With a stronger sense of pride and self-confidence, look that bully in the eyes and tell him/her, “Stop bullying me,” and report him/her.

What you allow, you will become. What you don’t allow, you won’t become. Don’t allow bullies to bully you. Don’t allow the negativity in your life. You know better. You know you don’t need it, and you won’t allow it anymore.


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