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To express yourself is very hard to do when you are being bullied, but it is better to express yourself and be heard rather than letting the bully get to you and feeling depressed and / or suicidal. Express yourself to feel better about yourself; express yourself to be heard; express yourself and be a leader and inspire others who are being bullied to express themselves.

However, when expressing yourself to the bully directly, DO NOT antagonize the bully, because it will only make things worse. It is better to walk away from the bully and report to higher authorities – whether it be to school administration or the police – rather than to get in the face of the bully. Telling the bully to stop may surprise him / her because (s) he is not expecting it. The bully just may stop because (s)he is surprised you spoke up, or it may get worse. And if the latter is the case, WALK AWAY.

You want a support system to be able talk over the incidents with the bully. Don’t be afraid to speak up to your support system. They are there to help you. Express yourself and do be direct and detailed with them. Do not feel like they are prying or invading your life. They aren’t; the bully is. Know your support system are your friends and care for you; the bully IS NOT. So, don’t be afraid to express yourself to those who want to help you. They are there for you because they love you, even when you may feel no one does. Take control of your emotions and fear. Be strong, be brave, be courageous; be the person you are destined to be and don’t be afraid to express yourself.


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