Coping with Manic-Depression

There are many mental health side effects that come from bullying. One of them is coping with depression / manic-depression. Whether you decide to seek help not only for the bullying you are experiencing, but also for any mental health issues that go along with it, is a tremendous state of courage and strength. It says a lot about your character. It says that no matter how bad the bullying and depression is, you are seeking help either because your parents and other family members love and support you and only want the best for you, or you yourself have admitted that you need help, which is an even stronger decision and commitment to take control of your life and you will not tolerate bullying anymore.


Good for you. You are awesome! You deserve a pat on your back for doing so! It takes bravery and courage to seek help for the effects of bullying upon you. It says you want your life back. You have with stood the pain and torture, fears and tears, but you will no more. Now you can be an example for others who will look up to you, and you just may inspire others to do the same and even make new and better friends in which you know you so deserve, as well as the others.


In the video below, I make my own observations about coping with manic-depression and bullying, as I myself have since I was a kid as a result of bullying. I know the pain, the many tears cried, and the times in which my life was a black period (there are parts of my life I actually don’t remember due to drug and alcohol use, and I refer to them as my “black period).” May these observations help you to seek out the help in which you need.

Coping with Manic-Depression (Video):

P.S. Personal development will help out a lot, too!

May this video make you realize that no matter what emotional state or mental health side effect you are experiencing, that your life matters, and you should seek out help to make you better.


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