How you perceive yourself and react when face to face with a bully will either lead your life down the path of a vulnerable victim or a brave, courageous individual. Inside you may be quavering and terrified, and on the outside you really want to cry and run in the opposite direction. That may seem the easiest way out, when actually it is not. The more you avoid and ignore the bully, the more the bully will hound you and make you feel worse.

Bullies target kind, vulnerable, quiet souls. Those victims who stand up to the bullies are not what the bully expects. It may end up either in a verbal or physical fight and get worse. If that does happen, then you do want to let higher authority know. The more you stand up for yourself and be loud with the bully, chances are the bully will not expect that, and will find someone else to target.

Should that happen, befriend the other victim. When the bully sees you with him / her, chances are the bully will move on to find someone else to bully. Go befriend this person as well. More than likely, the bully will see you as a threat and not want to deal with you anymore because you are befriending his / her victims. This is called unification. You are joining forces and befriending them. The more there are of you who stand up to bullying, the less bullies there will be in this world.


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