Born To Be You

Born to be you. Born to be original. Born to be unique. Born to be different. Born to stand out. You are just born. As every human is.

Born to be nice. Born to be gentle. Born to be lovable. Born to be confident. Born to be strong. You are born with all these traits.

So when did it all stop? When did all your traits disappear?

Born to be funny. Born with integrity. Born with value and self-worth. Born with love. Born to be honest. Born with faith.

Why do you not feel this way anymore?

You were born with all these characteristics. You were born for a purpose. You were born.

So why are you letting a bully (or bullies) get to you? Why are you letting a bully  (or bullies) put you down and make you feel worthless?

You are born to be you. You are born to stand out. So be you. Not someone just to fit in with a crowd.

Be you!


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