Bullying Can Lead to Depression and Suicide

In the event that you, your child, or someone you may know is bullied, there are signs in which you want to look for so you can help him/her out.

If the person has become a loner, appears sad, cries a lot, does not talk that much with people, and has unexplained bruises and/or scars on his/her body, chances are the person is going through something in which (s)he won’t talk about.

More than likely if the person is going through bullying, and you know this from hearsay, then you must take action to help out this person before (s)he kills him/herself. Save this person’s life and become a friend, confidante, and let him/her know you care. Explain to him/her that suicide is not the answer.

Getting the person to talk may be hard, but getting through to him/her and reaching out shows compassion and care, in which the victim does not have. If (s)he did, the victim would not be silent, crying, or hurting him/herself. Let the person know (s)he is loved, and his/her life matters to you. You just may save his/her life.


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