6 Ways to Prevent Bullying

There are many ways in which you may not be aware of in which you can prevent yourself from being bullied.

You want to educate yourself. If you do not know how to prevent yourself from being bullied, the best thing to do is there is this thing called Google. You can Google ways to find out how you can prevent yourself from being bullied. Or you can always go to this Facebook Live, because I will tell you how to prevent yourself from being bullied.

There are three critical things in which you must include within educating yourself and learning how to prevent yourself from being bullied.

1). You want to look the bully in the eye and tell him/her to stop. Say, “No more bullying. Stop bullying me.” The bully will be surprised because you are speaking up for yourself, and the bully is not expecting that. So, you want to look the bully straight in the eye and say, “Stop bullying me.” If the bully goes after you after you say that, then go straight to someone of higher authority to report the bully. You want to report the bully as soon as the incident is over.

2). Make sure there are witnesses who will stand up for you and who are willing to share their side of the story, and to be able to be willing to be your friend afterwards. Once you are bullied, most people will either do two things… they will become part of the bullying, or they will befriend you and care for you and console you and be there for you.

3). Do not under any circumstances aggravate the bully even more. Do not strike the bully. Do not hit the bully. If you hit back, you become a bully yourself. Unless you know how to defend yourself, striking the bully back after getting hit will only constitute a fight. You don’t want to fight against a bully unless you know how to control the situation. If you do not know how to defend yourself, you will only make things worse.

The best thing for you to do after getting bullied is to report it at once. Make sure there are people around who may be able to help you and who can become a witness with reporting the bully. The more witnesses there are, the more stories to be shared as to who instigated the bullying.

There are three other ways to help you prevent bullying. Watch the complete video below to learn the three other ways.

6 Ways to Prevent Bullying (Video):


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