Victory Is In the Eye of the Beholder

You can have victory only when you decide to stand up for yourself and tell that bully, “Stop bullying me.” You can have victory over yourself when you finally come to realize that the bullying will stop when you decide it will. Only then will you know that victory is in the eye of the beholder – which is you.


No longer make yourself the victim. No longer feel sorry for yourself. No longer will you allow a bully to invade your space. Be a hero to yourself. Make yourself stronger each day. Believe you can do anything. That includes having a heart a gold and to feel comfortable within your own skin. And you will have victory and feel it inside. No longer will you struggle from within. You have the power. You know you have the victory, and you wear it with pride.


Watch the video below to learn how to increase and improve your confidence with pride.

Victory Is In the Eye of the Beholder (Video):

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