Be Patient, Be Kind

When you are making new friends in which you don’t know, why would you want to be patient and be kind?

Well, first of all, when you are befriending someone who has been bullied and the incident is kind of going away or has been resolved, you want to have patience. When you are making friends with someone who you don’t know, or even with someone who you do know, who is being bullied, you want to have patience. And you definitely want to be kind. More kinder than usual because the bullied victim needs to have kindness around them. They need to know they will be loved and cared for, and so therefore you must generate kindness, you must generate gratitude towards them, and you must generate love towards them.

When you are being bullied, you don’t feel any of that. You feel totally insecure, you feel total lack of self-worth, total lack of self-confidence. I know from personal experience. So, when you are befriending someone who you don’t know in school, be generous, be kind, and have patience. These three attributes, these three things in which you must focus on when you are becoming a friend to someone who is being bullied, who you don’t know, is the best thing for you and the best thing for the bullied victim.

Having a generous heart and having a generous attitude with a kind smile and a kind self within you – the beauty within you – will shine through when you are wanting to be a friend who you don’t know, whom you feel for, who you want to become their friend. So, today, tomorrow, or in your future when you are be-friending someone you don’t know who is being bullied, always have patience, always be kind, and always be generous with your heart.

The more generous you are with your heart, the more love will show, and the more caring will show so that way the bully will know that you are a true friend and that you will become a very good friend to them. They need that. They need to feel the love, they need to feel the caring, they need to feel the sharing, they need to feel the generosity from other people.

Bullied victims really don’t get that much from people who aren’t being bullied. Bullied victims normally want to be an introvert and not hang around many people. They don’t feel or accept others very much because the trust isn’t there. If you do have a lot of trust within people and you are a bullied victim, all the power to you, because not many people are like that. You are a rare person, you are a unique person, and you are a strong individual, which will then qualify you to become a survivor of bullying.

When you become a survivor of bullying, you show you have a generous heart towards other, you show you have a loving and caring attitude towards others, and you are very open to wanting to help others and help serve others who have been bullied. So, for those who have survived bullying, and you know that you want to be kind and generous and nice to others, then you know you have a future with helping others who have been bullied. You have a patient and kind heart, you have patience and a nice generosity within you. That is the beauty within you. That is self-confidence within you. That is the self-esteem within you.

The best within you shows more than what normally would not if you were to remain a victim of bullying. You have to have a more beautiful soul and heart within you to be able to have the patience to work with others who have been bullied. So, if you are a survivor of bullying and you want to help those who have been bullied, then you know you have the attitude and generous heart in mind and soul of a person to want to care for others who have been.

You always want to make sure when you are making new friends who have been bullied in school, no matter at what age, whether in elementary school, middle school, or high school, have patience with them, be kind with them, be generous with them, and care for them. Show them you want to be there for them, show them you want to be their support system, show them you care, and no matter what, always be there by their side for them, even when they are being bullied.

That just shows how much of a friend that you will be to them throughout their lifetime. These type of friends will never go away. These type of friends will be there for life. You know you can rely on them for anything. They will be your support system within your school, within your life, and until your dying day.

So, today as you are making new friends in your school, make sure you have these three qualities within yourself. In that way you know you will be to make friends with people who you don’t know at school who are being bullied. Have patience, be kind, and be generous. Show you care, show your love, and show you have the generosity and a winning attitude to be able to make friends with people who are, or have been, being bullied.

When you do, you know that you will find someone who has been bullied who needs that special someone to get them through a really rough and dark day. You know you will have a good job done well when you see that bullied victim with a smile on their face because you brightened their day, cause you said, “Hi,” and you introduced yourself, and you had patience and you showed to them that you care. Another quality to have… a nice smile, an introduction, and a great attitude to be able to befriend other people.

You don’t have to be an introvert to do this. You don’t have to be an extrovert to do this. You just have to show that you have a caring heart, a warm-loving smile, and a beautiful persona about yourself, and a beautiful quality within yourself to want to make friends with others who you know you can relate to. You have been bullied; they have been bullied. Therefore, that’s what I call “Unification.” You can unify with each other and become really good friends until the end.

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