Greatness Lies Within You

Greatness lies within you. Believe that.

Greatness lies within you, say that to yourself.

Plenty times in which it will take,

Say it until you feel the greatness inside of you.

Treat yourself with honor and dignity. Believe that.

No matter how much it takes

Give yourself a break, smile in your mirror.

Master your life, master your freedom.

Your mind, you must take control back.

Stop feeling inferior, reclaim your power into your life.

Allow yourself to live your life with joy.

You have to want it, desire it, need it,

Like the air you’re breathing.

Don’t give your power to the bully.

You have the potential and willingness

To live your life the way you want it to be.

You are a spiritual human being with passion and soul.

 Your purpose in life has yet to unfold.

You are worthy, and you are blessed.

Start believing in yourself once again.

Give yourself a smile, and wipe the tears from your eyes.

Your fears and your pain, you have the right to let go.

Break yourself from the chains that bind you

And live your life the way you only will know.


Rid the bully, make yourself stand out.

Let it be your mission to rid all self-doubt.

Escape the pain, learn to laugh again.

Your life you hold in your hands.

Your future is your choice that lies within your soul.

Look into your mirror and stare into your eyes.

Believe your potential, believe in your greatness.

You have it all inside,

So don’t allow bullies to take away

Your greatness that lies within you.


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