Bullying Towards The Disability and Disabled

Did you know that bullies target people more who have disabilities and disorders than those who do not have disorders or disabilities?

People who have disorders and disabilities cannot help that they have an illness. They are either born with it, they either inherit it, or they tend to have the cause and effect of it after the bullying has started. I know this because I fall into the latter category. I have three disorders – a manic-depressive disorder, a seasonal disorder, and a third one in which I do not wish to reveal because it will scare you all away. (It’s that scary).

People with disorders and disabilities who are targeted by bullies is disrespectful, is degrading, is inhumane, unjustifiable, and there should be a judiciary law or act against those bullies no matter how old they are who bully those who have disorders and disabilities. Kind of hard to do when it is a kid bullying another kid who has a disorder or disability. But in my honest opinion, there should be some sort of disciplinary action onto a kid who is bullying someone who has a disorder or a disability.

This also pertains to those in the workplace as well. Those who are in the workplace who are able to work, who do have a disorder or disability, are also targeted by the people inside who work there – as that has happened to me before – and also from the customers who may not realize that they are hurting another person’s feelings because they are slow, or because of the way they talk, or because the way they act towards them. But that does not make them less of a person because they are still human.

Those who bully those who have disorders or disabilities, no matter at what any age – should think twice about doing this, because you are not only hurting them, you are hurting their feelings, their emotions. You are hurting them physically, spiritually, mentally, and tearing them down. They can’t help it because that’s the way they are. They cannot change. There are some of those who can change, but there are some who can’t change. And those people with disorders or disabilities should not be looked down upon it because of it.

Those who bully those who have disorders or disabilities kind of makes you wonder what kind of environment they grew up in and why they became the bully they are today. To have to be able to feel superior to those who cannot defend themselves physically because some people who have disorders or disabilities cannot fight back, and that is not right.

However, there are some places in which helps people like that. And they are called martial art schools. There are martial arts schools who help people who have disorders or disabilities to help may not physically fight back but can help them empower their mind, empower their spirituality, and empower their confidence and self-esteem. I suggest to those who have disorders or disabilities to look into martial arts schools because it will help you.

I am sorry, but this is getting too emotional for me. I knew it would. But it has to be said. To those bullies who bully those who have disorders or disabilities, think about those people who do and the cause and affect that you will have on those people later on life, if they survive it, I speak for those who can’t defend themselves. I speak for those who may not want to and don’t know how. Well, try martial arts. It helps you be a survivor.

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