True Friends Are Family

Best friends who support you, mentor you, and love you are like guardian angels. They are there for you in any way, shape, or form. These type of true friends you know you have for life, for they are truly your family! They understand you like no one else can. They know you inside and out. They know what is important to you. They know without them, you would not survive. They are your air, because you cannot live without air. You may not share the same genetics or blood, but they are your family.

snoopyThey fight for you and defend you. They motivate you and guide you. They love you for YOU! They can read your mind and speak your thoughts. No questions asked.

It is an unbreakable bond that will last a lifetime. And when they act out of kindness, generosity, peace, and courteousness, they are showing you they love you. Do not push them away. Let them console you when you are in need, because that’s what best friends do. No need to ask for help, because they are there for you – through thick and thin. Because that bond of friendship is your bloodline, and blood is thicker than water – and water is thin.

So, when they are there to console you, let them. When they are there to love you, let them. When they are there to cry with you, let them. And don’t ever let them go. For they are your blood, they fulfill your life, and complete your soul. They are your true friends, who are your family.


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