What You Think, You Become

What you think, you become. What you perceive, you feel. What you believe, you know. If you think, perceive, and believe that you are a victim, you will be. If you don’t think, perceive, and believe you are a victim, you aren’t. Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, change your actions, and you will notice you are becoming a whole new person, and you won’t be or feel like you are a victim anymore. Completely change that mindset of yours, and no one can or will tear you down or bully you again. Especially when you add training in martial arts.


What you think, you become. Ask yourself, “Are my thoughts my own, or are they the thoughts the bully ingrained into my mind and head?” Your thoughts are your own; no one else’s. Don’t allow anyone to control your mind. You control your own thoughts. Kick out those thoughts that are not your own. They don’t belong in your mind. They are not you. You know who you are. You know your own thoughts. And if you don’t, take back control of your mind so you can think what you know and believe of yourself again. Because what you think, you become.


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