Bullying in the Home and Schools

Why Is It So Hard For Kids To Be Nice To Each Other?


Is it because of the lack of respect or attention they are getting at home? Or is it the friends they are hanging around with?

I tend to think it’s both.

Lack of respect at home can be either physical or emotional, or both. Most of the time it’s physical, as the research I have done has proved my theory, and I know some people who were raised in an abusive home.

But also because I know this by personal experience. But that did not make me a bully. It made me feel less important and have lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. And be silent. Because if there was any arguing or fighting, there was discipline for it, being raised in a military home.

If there is no respect or courtesy displayed in a household, how does the child grow up? Either the same way (s)he is being treated, or the exact opposite. Question is, will (s)he be that way when (s)he grows up into an adult, or will (s)he eventually grow out of it?

If a disciplined child meets a non-disciplined child, what happens then? Either the disciplined child will know that the non-disciplined person is not (his) her type of friend to have, or (s)he will revert into becoming a non-disciplined child, either by force or free will. So what do the parents do in that instance? Do they even know what’s going on with their child? I am not a parent, so I can’t answer this based on experience, but I do know if I was, I would have something to say to that child’s parents.

Bullying is inhumane and not tolerated. There should be educational classes in EVERY school system today, because when I was growing up and going through this, there wasn’t any. School is education; school is where the majority of bullying starts; so the schools should educate the kids and start to get involved with the kids’ actions towards each other more often than not, especially if the bullied kids get it home, where they think it is acceptable – because it is not acceptable – ANYWHERE!


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