Words Are Powerful

Your words are powerful, your words are strong.

Your words can also hurt people,

Your words can also kill people on the way down.

Your words are powerful, your words can hurt

Depending how they are said onto whether

They increase your self-value or self-worth.

Do not allow a bully to bully you today

With their demanding words, with their hurtful thoughts.

Because no bully can bully you today and get away with what they want.

What they want is to demean you, to hurt you in every way possible.

Try not to let that happen.

Learn how to defend yourself through martial arts.

For you deserve a life worth of love, a life worth living.

For you deserve the best in your heart, the best in your life

For you are worth loving.

So, the next time a bully needs to bully you,

Let them know their words hurt,

Their words are powerful enough to kill people.

Are they aware of this? Make them aware.

They could be murderers with those words, with their thoughts.

May this get to you – the victims – as well as the bullies,

Because you may never get away with what you feel

May be right or may be wrong.

Bullies are bullies, and their words can hurt and their words are powerful.

No one should have to go through bullying on a day to day basis.

So, remember when a bully bullies you, that you are beautiful inside and out,

And you do not deserve the mistreatment that the bully gives you

From day in and day out.

Tell that bully their words hurt, their words are powerful.

They are not beautiful, and if they think they are,

They got another thing coming.

The most beautiful people are those

Who cry on the inside and who look strong on the outside.

Those victims who have been bullied,

Should they be able to get through another day,

Today, tomorrow, and in the future,

May the strength inside you carry you along the way.

You know you are strong, you know you are beautiful,

You know your self-worth.

Because you know those words, which were powerful,

Have gotten through to you, and you know that they hurt.

But you have gotten it through somehow,

And if you don’t, I can tell you now

There are those out there who are willing to help you

In any which way they can.

Here at Your Life Matters we care for you in any way possible

By the lend of a helping hand.

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