Suicide is Not the Answer

If you are bullied, and you think suicide will solve your problem, it won’t. It only brings on more pain, more grief, more tears, and more fears. If you think suicide is the answer to bullying, you are so wrong. All you will do is end your life, and those that love you will mourn you and never forget you.

If you think suicide is your answer to your bullying, your anxiety, your depression, your disability, your trigger to what makes you even think about suicide, I can tell you suicide is NOT the answer! 

In order to end the bullying, you must report it, follow through with taking responsibility for yourself and believe in yourself you have the power to make it stop. If you do not, the bullying will not stop. Your silence will not end your suffering. Your suffering will only cause you pain. Your pain will then cause you to live a lonely fearful life. Do you really want that for yourself? Do you really want to make your family and loved ones grieve for you because you did not make your voice stand out and be strong?

Your silence will kill you. Do not be silent! Do not allow bullies to bully you to death. If you fear bullies, that is when you must be the strongest, the loudest, and the fighter you are. Because if you give in to them, you give up your freedom and your power. Do not give in to bullies’ power just because they make you feel small. You be the most powerful person you are and start getting loud and clear about your life, for you only rule your life; bullies don’t rule your life. You do. Remember that. Because suicide is not the answer for you. Your voice is.

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