Your Self-Worth, Your Self-Value

Before you were bullied, how would you have rated your self-worth and your self-value? Was you self-worth and self-value more higher than when you were being bullied? Are you aware that when you are being bullied, your self-worth and self-value decreases?

For every bullied victim that there is in this world, the self-worth and self-value from within decreases as doubt inflates your soul, inflates your body, and inflates your mind physically, emotionally, and mentally. Your self-worth and self-value expresses your soul. Your self-worth and self-value expresses your character and your flaws. Every person has them, even the bully. In a bullied victim’s mind, the self-worth and self-value lacks because of what the bully has done to you emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Know within you, the passion that burns inside your soul, you have self-worth. Know within your heart, you have self-worth, and you have self-value. You do not see it because the bully erased it from you from his/her negativity towards you. Do not believe any words that a bully says to you. Know that you are valued, know you are worthy, know you are positive, know you are loved, and know that you belong in this world.

Your self-worth and self-value within you will eventually come back. You do not need to suffer, and you do not need to be able to live in pain. If you need to, cry it out, talk to someone about how you feel. Know within you your self-worth and self-value is there. You just have to believe in your soul, you have to believe in your mind, and do not believe that bully. You are worthy and you are valuable in this world. You are you; there is only you. That is why your self-worth and your self-value is the most precious thing and commodity that you have within you. Believe in yourself today, and believe in yourself every day.

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