Be Goal-Oriented

You were born into this world with a purpose, and that purpose is not to be a victim of bullying. Once you surpass this – and it does take time to surpass the physical and emotional tolls of bullying – you are a golden ticket to achieving anything you want in this world. Aside from cancer and rape, surpassing bullying is the 3rd worst thing you can possibly overcome in your lifetime. Once you have, there is NOTHING that can stop you from your dreams, whatever they may be – EXCEPT YOU.

There is a quote, “Nobody can stop you but yourself.” I’m not quite sure who said this, but it is so true in regards to everything you think you can and cannot do – even bullying. Nobody can stop you from speaking up and reporting being bullied or observe someone being bullied but yourself. Think of it this way – you have a goal to want the bullying to stop, right? Then stop it. Then think of another goal you want to achieve – it can be anything you want or so desire (suicide is not an option).

Have a goal; have a dream. Know there will be obstacles to get there. Write down a list of obstacles you know you will have to overcome to get there. Then write down steps to surpass that obstacle. Once you surpass that obstacle, do the same for the next one and the next one after that. Cross them off your list once one is achieved. Next thing you know, your dream will become a reality.

Know that nothing will never stop you because you overcame the worst part of your life – the bullying, and nothing can be as worse (unless cancer or rape). You finally moved on.

So, set some goals, be the goals, live the goals, achieve the goals, and be the person you dreamed of being.


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